About our products

All of our products are hand selected for quality, style and appearance. As with any 100% natural product no two products will be identical and there will be an ever-changing range to choose from. Should you have a particular requirement (for example, a colour to suit decor or size to suit a room) please contact us to discuss as we are likely to be able to source product to meet your needs.


Our Cowhide Rugs and Cushion Covers are hand selected and controlled. The animals are managed with all approved techniques and always with care of the animal first of mind.

The hides are sourced from Brazil, known for producing some of the finest hides in the world. The Brazilian climate is favourable for cattle raising, and they have extremely high quality chromium tanning processes. We hand-select each hide, inspecting the colour, suppleness, shape and finish ourselves. The quality of these hides needs to be seen to be believed! 

Please remember some skins may have minor imperfections, stitching or even subtle branding marks – as these are farmed animals this is to be expected with a natural product such as these and are considered completely normal.

Our Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs are imported from Iceland to tanners in the Nordic region of Europe. Icelandic pelts are characterized by their long fluffy, natural wool, exceptionally soft and being remarkably pleasant to the touch.

Our Lambskin Rugs come from various parts of Great Britain and Ireland. They have very dense, plush wool and are wonderfully soft. They are an ideal choice as rugs or draped over a chair for warmth. Our Lambskin rugs are all unique and not dyed - their colourways are completely natural

As with our Cowskin products both Sheep and Lambskins are ethically sourced and farmed under approved, controlled EU conditions. Our tanners use natural products that are a by product of the farming industry that otherwise would be landfill.

Our Calfskin Scuffs are proudly NZ Made! The locally sourced Calfskin upper is (as with the rest of our natural products) a by-product of the food industry, as is the Sheepskin inner lining 😊. The sole is made of 100% recyclable EVA material.

Your new footwear will naturally flex and mold to the shape of your foot with time.

Our Cowhide and Leather Bags and Accessories are supplied by a family run business based in Australia with over 25 years’ experience, now supplying their goods across the globe.

Every product is made using 100% genuine leather which is strong with a soft, natural feel.