Care for your purchase

At RUSTIC.NZ we care about the quality of each and every product we sell. On receipt of our stock orders we inspect each item individually for Quality Control, and again prior to packaging and shipping to you.

As many of our products are 100% natural they can have particular methods to follow for cleaning and care so please check the below, and if you are still unsure please contact us. Your satisfaction and enjoyment of your purchase is extremely important to us so if you are concerned about the quality of any items we have supplied please refer to the RETURNS AND EXCHANGE POLICY section or simply contact us to discuss.


Cowhides and Sheepskin are very easy to maintain by following a simple regular routine.

Some don’ts:

  • Do not soak the items or put into the washing machine or dryer.
  • Do not use bleach or any enzyme products.
  • Avoid Direct Heat when drying, dry outside in the shade or inside away from heaters, radiators or fires. Using a clothes rack to lay the item flat is a good way to dry a skin, and don’t let the item dry out too fast, it is best to leave a small amount of moisture in the skin.

There are a few ways you can clean crumbs, dust or dirt from your skin or hide. The simplest way is to shake it out or perhaps vacuum it. If you do vacuum please use the highest setting if available and ensure to vacuum in the direction of the hair, not against it. Doing this regularly is best to stop dust and dirt from becoming embedded in the hide. Otherwise you can brush the item, just remember to follow the direction of the hair growth and don’t use too harsh a brush.

Cowhides are usually quite resistant to minor spills due to the natural oils present in the skins. Generally, spills will ‘bead’ on the surface of the hide making clean up a very easy process. It is important to attend to the spill quickly though as eventually the spill will seep into the skin.

If there is a minor stain on Cowhide you can clean this using a mild, soapy solution – just make sure to only use a small amount of soap, a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid to a damp rag should do the trick. Baby wipes can work well also. For Sheep and Lamb skins, use a small amount of an approved Neutral or Mild Sheepskin Wash, or if unavailable please just use water. For minor spills on both Cowhides and Sheepskins immediately soak up excess liquid with a paper towel or sponge, then wipe with a damp (but not wet) sponge or cloth. Lightly sponge over the wool or hair side only focusing on rubbing through the wool or hair and not the skin underneath. Finish off with a dry paper towel, gently wiping until the fluids are all gone. Brush to restore pile and dry slowly in the shade.

Sheep and Lamb skins also benefit from regular combing with a wool carding brush to clean, reduce tangles and maintain their soft, velvety feel.

For scuffs, it is best to avoid getting moisture on footwear as this can stain. If footwear does need cleaning it is best spot cleaned using a small amount of liquid and a cloth. Follow the rules above and treat like you would cleaning a Cowhide.

For major cleaning please engage an expert who will be able to steam clean your skin or hide – please make sure they are aware to not soak the leather backing.

It's OK to fold your rug - we do this for shipping! Just be sure not to place heavy objects on top once folded as this may cause a crease. It may take a few days for any wrinkles caused by folding to smooth out, its best to just wait for this to happen. Otherwise you could put a towel on the top (hair/wool) side and steam iron. As the underside of the rugs are textured they should stay in place pretty well but if you want to minimise any movement velcro dots or a non slip underlay should do the trick.


Follow this link for a great article on regular maintenance and care of your Cowhide product:

And this one for your Sheepskin rug:


Our 100% top-grain leather bags & accessories are sourced from a reputable supplier who provides a 12 month Warranty. Details will be included in the product when posted to you for your reference.

Genuine leather and suede are natural products and each of our accessories has its unique appearance inherent in its colour, feel, marking & texture. This uniqueness creates the distinct appearance of genuine leather which synthetic materials cannot duplicate.

Suggestions for care of your accessory

Leather in its natural form may cause some colour to rub off on the newer articles, especially on napa or sueded leathers. If needed, a delicate leather protector should be used on the area that may have direct contact with your clothing. In case of leather being soiled or rain spotted allow it to dry naturally. If badly soiled please sent to a leather cleaning professional. Using products made specially for leather care, conditioning and cleaning will preserve the appearance and texture.